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1. The Coaching-Game Tool

65 Cards/ Book / 4 Coaching processes / Focus note Booklet

Cards - 65 associative cards that explore significant everyday life themes.

Book - A colorful and thought-provoking book expands each theme through stories, quotes, interpretations and additional photos.

Layout Chart - Four process maps offer structured methods to use with the cards and gain deep insights into personal or professional issues.

Focus notes - assist users in turning insights into actions.

The Coaching Game has been translated into more than 25 languages and has been highly praised by professionals around the world.

2. Punctum

33-Photo Cards / 33-Word Cards / 33- Question Cards

Punctum fosters associative connections between photos, themes and questions. These flexible combinations make it a fascinating tool, highly effective in dynamic therapy, coaching and counseling. A booklet offering suggestions on how to play Punctum in different settings is also included.

3. Faces

99 b&w Faces Cards that represent the human kind / 1 Mirror Card / 58 Reflection Cards / 1 Book / 4 Layout Charts

Faces is all about people and the way we reflect one another. Faces is a game about how I see myself through observing others. Faces helps us to get to know our significant others from new perspectives; it raises questions regarding our relationships and the parts or roles we choose to take in them. Faces is all about people and the way we reflect one another.

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