And behind Galagan ADVISORY® lies the story of Larissa Winter. She is the founder of the company, which has been advising people since 2011.

How can Larissa Winter be described in a few words?

Larissa Winter is a warm-hearted, positive, creative and professional person. She has created a way for her company to communicate her values to others. Her goal is to inspire people to find fulfillment.

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This is how Galagan ADVISORY® developed.

In 2011 Larissa Winter took the step into self-employment because she wanted to work differently: no more one-size-fits-all solutions, no number gearboxes. It is very important to her to ensure professionalism at every level - from the first customer contact to the completion of the project.

From the beginning, the focus was on the human being in its entirety. Since its inception, Larissa and her team have conducted nearly 2,000 behavioral assessments, trained 1,500 executives in eight countries, accompanied 50 transformation processes and trained dozens of coaches and trainers. The work is based on a combination of scientifically validated and creative / interdisciplinary methods.

New since 2018 is the PersönlichkeitsSCHMIEDE®.

It is the extension of the activities of Galagan ADVISORY®. In the lovingly renovated 18th century house in the heart of Baden, not only companies, but also individuals and teams who want to work on their personal development are very welcome.

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