Coaching for Behavioral Change

We offer Coaching for Individuals and Teams. We focus on the Behavioral Change Coaching.

We also know that about 90 percent of how we behave come from habits (either from our heritage or learned over time) and that these habits are very difficult to change.

At the beginning of each coaching relationship, we meet for a “Coffee Coaching Session” meeting. During that meeting we come to an agreement with our clients on two key variables:

what are the key behaviors that will make the biggest positive change in increasing a client’s fulfilment?
who are the key people in a client’s surrounding (stakeholders, family members, partners, friends,etc.) that can determine (twelve to eighteen months later) if these changes have occurred?

When we are working to help individuals and teams to change their behaviors, we start with recognition of individuals’ predispositions and subconscious habitual patterns.

However, it is equally important to us, to help our clients to recognize and realize, that there’s neither good nor bad. We see every person as a resourceful and unique human being or a unique collective system. That is why, we persuade our clients to embrace their uniqueness and honor their resources. By doing so, our clients develop a deep sense of self-awareness and learn to practice self-leadership.

We keep to us a right to dismiss the coaching relationship, when we are able to see that behavioral coaching won’t help. It means that we only work with clients that we believe will greatly benefit from our coaching process.

We do not work with clients who are not motivated to change. We only work with clients who are willing to make a sincere effort to grow and who believe that this personal growth will help them become a better version of themselves.

Our most successful coaching clients are dedicated to work consistently on improving themselves - not just asking everyone else to improve.

We would never choose to work with a client who has an integrity violation. We believe that people with integrity violations should not be coached.

We focus on changing individuals and teams’ behaviors. If our clients have other needs, we refer them to other coaches.

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