Points of You® ACADEMY - Climb up the ladder of knowledge

Our Certification Program was born out of endless inquiries and requests we have received from professionals, organizations and individuals who have experienced the power of our tools and felt the authentic desire to go deeper and get to know them more thoroughly.

Our training programs are facilitated a couple of times a year and the participants receive a deep and professional understanding of the variety of options for using the games, a connection to the Points of You® Way of Life, an opportunity for inspiring connections with our global community and a very deep and meaningful personal experience. All our Programs are ICF accredited.

Points of You® Academy is an invitation to expand your observation and knowledge while participating in an ongoing personal and professional journey. Ease into the exciting concept of Points of You®, experience the magic and understand the depth of our tools and methodology

Points of You® Academy offers 4 levels of training. Each level features an exciting live workshop with a unique atmosphere and creative content. Once you complete a level – you get certified and move up to the next one.

New opportunities are coming your way. Entering the Academy opens a door to join our facilitation team, to enjoy new business opportunities and to make strong bonds with our amazing global tribe

Hello Points Workshop
Welcome to Our World 6 hours , 6 CCEU’s
POINTS OF YOU® Practitioner
Creative Practice Workshop
Learn the Basics and Start Working. 16 hours, 2 days, 18 CCEU’s
Turning Point Program
Understand the Philosophy behind the Technique, 5 days 47.5 CCEU’s, 40 PDC’s
Top View Program
Master the Art of Points of You Facilitation, 7 days
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