Galagan ADVISORY® aims to require everyone who acts on our behalf to comply with our DNA and rules of behavior. These are clearly set out in the Galagan ADVISORY Code of Conduct, which acknowledges Galagan ADVISORY’s business and social responsibility within our sphere of influence.

It consists of the following points:

We do not just come in, fix something and then leave. We share our knowledge and expertise with you so you can develop your own skills in solving business and personal challenges.
We do not sell workshops or tools. We offer services and solutions.
We do not use ready-made solutions because we know that every business and every personality is unique. Our services are always tailored to every aspect of your business - your markets, competitors, strategy, structure. We design the project for your organization for a sustainable business result.
We only use scientifically validated methods.
We respect the uniqueness of your corporate culture and people who work for you. Therefore, we guarantee absolute discretion.
We consider ourselves as your partner. That's why we work for results and share responsibility for the outcome of the project. The outcome of the project is measured at the end of the project by a „project / program evaluation form“.
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