Anyone who works with people and goes as deep as we do needs directions. Our values determine the “how” of our lives and guide us.

Love in action

Love is a force that connects the universe. Work is an opportunity to bring our whole selves and our highest love into practical business of daily life. Loving engagement into each task, moment by moment, we can shape a knew consciousness for ourselves and the world. Love where you are. Love what you’re doing. Love who you’re doing it with.


Every human being is important. Means surrendering to life. It is expressed through a no-bullshit attitude to oneself and others. It is an active attitude in life. It is fueled by empathy and empowerment. We believe that our world doesn’t need global warming, but rather needs heartwarming. Everybody counts.

Co-creation with intelligence of Nature

Since foundation of the Galagan ADVISORY® we bring the practice of collaboration and co-creation in all our activities. We strongly believe in interrelationship of the world.

Our planet is alive and aware. We are soul, body and mind. We are bigger than Me.

We are part of the nature. We all have only one home - Mother Earth.

By communicating and working with the intelligence of human nature, we bring new and creative solutions to life.

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