Sabine Sekulić


PI Associate/Austria


0043 699 133 848
  • Predictive Index ® Associate in cooperation with Galagan ADVISORY
  • Trainer of adult education
  • Systemic coach

Since 2014, I have been working as a trainer in adult education and have found my passion in personal development.

During my professional career, I gained a lot of experience in the areas of organization, customer service, team assistance and as a trainer and consultant - both in small and medium-sized companies as well as in international groups at Austrian locations.

During this time, I met many people - but never really got to know them.

From my experience, a company can only live and grow when the employees and thus their personalities are seen. Only in this way can growth and success be guaranteed. My great guiding principle for family, friends AND profession is: "Together we are strong!"

If we really understand each other, know what drives us and know why something is important to us, then we have every opportunity to use this knowledge forcefully.

So, I am convinced that good employees - properly used - valued and recognized - are not only satisfied, but also loyal and ambitious employees who keep your company on the road to success through effective, internal cooperation.

My way of working is understanding and team-oriented.

My communication style is stimulating and motivating. I pay particular attention to respectful treatment at eye level.

I provide a structure and that the plan is respected so that given goals can be achieved.

Thanks to my training as a systemic coach and the associated self-reflection, I owe it to Predictive Index® in particular that I can say THAT about myself!

„personality is the key“

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