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Predictive Index is a leader in behavior and workforce analytics.

And because they have over 60 years experience and scientific methodology we chose them to help you find, keep, and grow the people that will help solve your most pressing business challenges.



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The Predictive Index®

Decode the complexities and realize what drives workplace behaviors so you can ensure alignment, reach your team’s true potential, and achieve your business objectives faster than you ever thought possible

The Predictive Index® (PI®) system is a powerful combination of assessment, educational training and consulting, that provides managers with accurate, actionable data quantifying the unique motivating needs and behavioral drives of each employee and potential employee.

The Predictive Index is based on a proven methodology of integrating data, technology, knowledge and expertise and helps you address you most business critical opportunities in four Focus Areas: Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, Change Management, and Growth Strategy.

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WHY The Predictive Index’s

  • Quick and Easy to Use:  The Predictive Index is a practical, quick, and easy-to-use solution for gathering employee insights. 
    The assessment takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, and allows for clients to interpret results on a candidate or employee immediately.
  • Based in Science:  The Predictive Index is work-related, free of bias, valid and reliable. With over 500 validity studies documenting the usefulness of the Behavioral Assessment in the workplace, clients around the world have found success in the repeatable accuracy of the assessment. Designed to help employers comply with their obligations under the EEOC’s Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, it can be used for both selection and career development opportunities.
  • Broadly Applicable: PI is used widely across multiple industries, jobs, levels, company sizes, growth trajectories, and business models and across all people management topics starting from recruitment to the talent or organizational design matters. It is available online in 72 languages and is used in more than 147 countries.
  • Unlimited Internal Use: PI is based on an annual investment basis reflecting the client’s size, making it extremely flexible and scalable. This unique approach provides clients with unlimited internal use of the instrument with candidates and employees, allowing use of the The Predictive Index throughout the organization.
  • Self-Sufficient:  The Predictive Index system is built on a model of self-sufficiency rather than per click or consultant dependency. The ultimate goal of The Predictive Index is to build knowledge inside organization.

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There are many different type of coaching. 
We only do behavioral coaching for success, personal or business wise. Therefore we only focus on change of behaviors. Finally, we would never choose to work with a client who has an integrity violation. We believe that people with integrity violation should be fired and not coached. If these conditions, described above, do not exist, you may refer to another coaches.

We offer two types of coaching


Short, structured timeout for CEOs, TOP managers and TOP decision-makers, opening up their mind and soul.  It’s time for peaceful conversation, energy collection, explore options to move forward and to prepare practically and emotionally for the challenges ahead. Its simply only “YOUR” time! Each YOUR time is individually tailored to your needs program. We work closely with you to determine your needs and goals of the YOUR time. We design the program accordingly and carefully choose your Coach. However, the essential elements of each YOU time are Erudition –Reflection-Workout-Carpe Diem times.


We know the lack of female representation at senior levels is an issue for business, but we also recognize that the female career journey is different. Galagan Advisory’s coachers help business develop and retain their female talent. Our coaching innervations match the different stages of a woman’s career supporting business to retain women and enable them to perform to their best, often during times of personal transition. We do this through executive and board coaching, maternity coaching, manager and career development coaching. Our mix of one-to one coaching and workshop programs addresses the different stages of a woman’s career-from promising junior manager through to CEOs.

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