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The way a business is organized is about much more than simply its structure: it represents a set of skills and capabilities that make your business unique in the marketplace. Leaders matter, but leadership matters more. So what motivates the talents that drive your business? Value is created by building a leadership and talent framework that is visible to external stakeholders.



Rather than simply taking a red pen to the organization chart, we work with the clients to improve organizational capability by taking into consideration number of areas:

  • Strategic organization design, means alignment of organization design to business drivers and strategy and medium to long-term appropriateness of structures, locations, roles and accountabilities, distribution of resources, and performance measures and effectiveness of ways-of-working - governance &decision making, processes & organizational Interfaces.
  • Tactical organization design, means responses to changes in the business environment, short-term organizational fixes to enable effective fire-fighting, alignment of skills and competencies to current and future requirements, alignment of culture and behaviors to future business requirements, succession plan health and organization cost effectiveness.
  • People behavior and motivation needs, means to get a clear picture of the people behavior styles and motivational needs. By understanding the motivations of people, leaders’ can quickly build rapport and improve communications in team and will rapidly reach higher productivity. The net result is faster success and a happier, more stable and productive team.


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Key questions must be answered:

  • How the organization is structured- operating units, reporting lines, resources, locations?
  • What people do - roles, account-abilities and decision-making processes and the way different parts of the organization work together?
  • Performance measures and targets and reward?
  • Organizational integrator- the “bones” the holds an organization together, such as skills, governance, policy and procedures, incentives, communication practices, and so on?

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Client Services that we offer

Organization Consulting

The traditional consulting business model is about bringing a large team of their people to solve your problems. Our business model is about transferring capability so that your people leverage our expertise to solve business problems.

Organization Assessments

Assessment is a means to an end. Our assessments are built around a strong point-of-view about what matters. Let us help you identify gaps and take action.

Organization Development

We offer custom develop programs and tools that improve productivity and drive revenue.

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